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Riddles, Rakes, Grapples

The Fix range of buckets and attachments is designed and manufactured for us in the UK and is CE marked. Our aim is to provide outstanding value by combining high quality standards and discounted prices. Products are made for a wide range of makes, models and sizes of excavators from mini diggers upwards.

Web pages and product information PDFs show the most popular sizes but please contact us if what you want is not shown, as we can customise the specification to your requirement.

RIDDLE BUCKETS are used extensively in landscaping, demolition and in quarries for separating soil from debris such as concrete, general building rubble and vegetation.

STONE RAKES and LAWN RAKES are used for general clearance and the removal of debris in landscaping preparation.
Choose stone rakes for 130mm tine gaps and lawn rakes for 75mm tine gaps.

GRAPPLES are multi purpose tools used (with or without a quick hitch) in construction and agriculture to handle stone, timber and waste. Complete with connecting rod, pad and hardened, greasable connecting pins.

Please download the PDF on our website for detailed product information. Contact us for a super discount quote on this product.

(13) Lawn Rake - 13.0t 01.09.0008 More >>
(13) Lawn Rake - 13.0t 01.09.0008
Product: (13) Lawn Rake - 13.0t
Stock ID: 01.09.0008
Price: £POA
(14) Lawn Rake - 20.0t 01.09.0010 More >>
(14) Lawn Rake - 20.0t 01.09.0010
Product: (14) Lawn Rake - 20.0t
Stock ID: 01.09.0010
Price: £POA
(15) Mechanical Grapple 1.5t 01.06.0001 More >>
(15) Mechanical Grapple 1.5t 01.06.0001
Product: (15) Mechanical Grapple 1.5t
Stock ID: 01.06.0001
Price: £POA
(16) Mechanical Grapple 3.0t 01.06.0002 More >>
(16) Mechanical Grapple 3.0t 01.06.0002
Product: (16) Mechanical Grapple 3.0t
Stock ID: 01.06.0002
Price: £POA
(17) Mechanical Grapple 4.0t 01.06.0003 More >>
(17) Mechanical Grapple 4.0t 01.06.0003
Product: (17) Mechanical Grapple 4.0t
Stock ID: 01.06.0003
Price: £POA
(18) Mechanical Grapple 6.0t 01.06.0004 More >>
(18) Mechanical Grapple 6.0t 01.06.0004
Product: (18) Mechanical Grapple 6.0t
Stock ID: 01.06.0004
Price: £POA

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